4 Questions to Ask at Your Tux Rental Fitting

Feb 18, 2022

A lot of couples tend to push off finding suits or tuxes until the end of the wedding planning process. The fun things tend to come first… you know, food tastings and venue tours! But, it might be helpful to you to get the groom in for a tux rental fitting earlier rather than later.

Choosing the men’s attire for your big day may seem simple on the surface, but you’d be surprised at how many style choices there are to pick from! Scheduling a tux styling appointment with us can give you the chance to ask some questions that can help you feel more confident in your choices.

Here are four questions to ask at your tux rental fitting or styling appointment.

How early should I order my tux rental?

Tux rentals do need less time to come in than wedding dresses do. They are typically quicker than bridesmaid dresses, too! This is good news for any couples who might have put off finding suits.

Rentals can actually take as little as three weeks to arrive at the shop (or your house) once they are ordered. Keep in mind that if you are purchasing a suit, it might take a little bit longer. Plus, the company will overnight pieces if something doesn’t fit correctly. However, one thing to remember is that these are rental pieces. The company that you are renting from only has so many pieces of each style and size. So, once they are booked for your wedding weekend, then you are out of luck. Because of this, we recommend coming in to pick your pieces and get fitted as early as possible!

What type of tux fit should I get for my tux rental?

The fit of your tux or suit will largely depend on the type of men in the group. Is there a mix of guys, both thinner and stockier? Are pretty much all of the guys more broad? The style that you choose to rent will completely depend on this. Generally, tuxes/suits come in three basic fits: traditional, modern, and slim. They can even come in ultra-slim. Modern or slim fits tend to be more tailored and are a bit trendier than a traditional fit. So, if you have a group full of stockier men, then you probably won’t want to go with ultra-slim fit suits.

I have groomsmen who live out of state. What measurements do they need to give you to order their tux rental?

It is very common for there to be guys in a wedding party who live out of state. This likely means that they can’t come to the shop to get measured and order their tux. Sometimes, this stops brides from choosing their local bridal salon for suits or tuxes — but don’t worry!

If you have groomsmen who are not local, they can get professionally measured through any local bridal shop near them. He can then call in his measurements to us and pay for the order!

Our stylists will always take down all of the essential measurements to make sure that the tux comes with the correct fit. This includes:

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Sleeve length
  • Overarm
  • Waist
  • Outseam
  • Hip

Similar to wedding gowns, tux trends change from year to year. Our stylists tend to notice which styles are being worn more than others, so ask for their advice during your styling appointment if you are looking for recent trends! They work with couples who are ordering their tuxes every single day.

Recently, we’ve noticed some of these trends being popular:

  • Long ties instead of bow ties
  • Vests instead of cummerbunds
  • Non-pleated shirts over pleated ones
  • Cognac and lighter colored dress shoes
  • Tan suits or tuxes
  • Floral ties

Asking your stylist any of these questions during your tux rental fitting or styling appointment will make the process of finding your suits much easier! Your groomsmen will be sure to look sharp for the big day.

If you’re interested in a tux styling appointment with us, visit the Appointment tab on our website to see available times! These appointments typically last about an hour.