Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Appointment?

This is probably one of our most frequently asked questions, and we hear many mixed opinions about booking appointments. What we can share with you is this: You deserve an amazing experience while shopping for your dress! By booking an appointment, you are reserving a time for one-on-one attention for you and your guests to help you find the perfect dress. Shopping for your wedding gown is unlike any other clothes shopping you’ve done! This is the dress you want to feel stunning in while all eyes are on you coming down the aisle. You are going to want the help of a stylist to try on gowns and find the perfect dress. Plus, it’s the stylist’s job to listen to what you are looking for and help you find the best dress for you!

When should I start looking for my wedding dress?

Bride’s Magazine suggests that you start looking for your dress about a year in advance, and we couldn’t agree more. If you have the time to start looking a year ahead, do yourself this favor! The last thing you want is to feel extra stress in your wedding planning because you waited until the last minute to look for your wedding gown. When you order your wedding dress it can typically take up to 6 months to come in. This is because each dress is custom ordered just for you! You also want to allow plenty of time for alterations! Most seamstresses will like to have about three fittings with you in your dress and this part takes time. They need to be able to get your dress to fit you as best as possible, and this involves a lot of intricate work. So, if you have the time, start shopping early so you don’t have to order your dress on a rush cut and pay extra for rushed alteration. Plus, knowing what your dress looks like will help you have a better idea of what to choose for your bridal party!

Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

When deciding who to bring with you to your appointment, you want to think about who will help you with this process and who may make it more difficult. Limit your entourage to two or three others who you trust and love. It helps keep your judgment clear and experience stress free!

What if I already have a dress in mind?

Great! Bring pictures with you to show your stylist what you are drawn toward, BUT please keep an open mind! Most brides fall in love with a dress that is the complete opposite of what they have in mind. Be sure to try on what you think you love along with some things your stylist may choose that you really aren’t loving at first glance. Trust that she wants to help you find the perfect dress (because that’s what we are here for and we love it!) and try on a few things she might pick for you. Keeping an open mind will help make the process of finding the perfect dress so much easier on you.

What undergarments should I wear/bring to my appointment?

You should definitely bring to your appointment undergarments that will make you feel as comfortable as possible trying on different gowns! We suggest nude-colored undergarments and a strapless bra so that you can see the different necklines in the dresses you are trying! Check out our blog post on undergarments to purchase once you find your dress! 

What are the most common alterations that brides need to have done to their dress?

Alterations are a must for all wedding gowns, regardless of what style dress you wear. The common alterations that every bride often needs are a hem, strap adjustment, and taking in of the gown in the bust or hips. Here at K&B Bridals, we provide our brides with a list of seamstresses that we highly trust and recommend to you so that you can choose who you would like to work with for your dress alterations!

I am getting married next month/in the next few months. Do you have any options for me to find a wedding dress with a short timeline?

Fortunately, we can work with different shopping time frames from one month to years away from your wedding date! We have a large selection of in-store gowns to purchase and take with you, or we can check with designers to see how soon we can get a dress here to the shop for your wedding.

Do you have any sample sales or trunk shows coming up?

Yes, we always have exciting special events happening throughout the year! To see our upcoming events, click here. 

I have two favorite dresses from two different bridal shops. How do I choose between them?

Fortunately, we have a blog post that answers that question! First off, breathe – you will know when you find your dress! But, in case you need a little extra help, the blog post is here

How do I know what my wedding dress budget should be?

Generally, most newlyweds devote about 10 percent of their wedding budget to attire. Keep in mind that this includes more than just your dress—it may include your outfits for other occasions (like your bridal shower or bachelorette party), the wedding dress itself, alterations, special undergarments, accessories, your spouse’s outfit, and any cleaning or preservation that you get done. If your dress is the most important element of your wedding day to you, then you certainly can devote more of your budget to it. Just remember to keep in mind that you may have to cut in other areas, such as flowers or music. We have a handy blog post on this here!

How can I stick to my wedding dress budget?

Our biggest tip when it comes to your wedding dress budget? Only look at and try on dresses that are within your price range. Never try on a dress that is far off from the top of your budget range, because if you never try it on, you’ll never fall in love with it! If you’re looking to save a little bit on your dress, you can shop sample sales (which we hold twice a year), trunk shows where discounts are often given, or find a dress that would be easier to alter. Your stylist can help you out with this last one!