Must-Have Items For Your Wedding Day Packing List

Sep 6, 2023

With the amount of planning you do leading up to your wedding day, it’s easy to overlook the little things you may need on the day of. To help you plan for anything, we’ve compiled a list of some of our must-have items for your wedding day, so that you’re prepared for anything.


While your dress is beautiful, you don’t want to wear it all day! Find a great, comfortable robe to get ready in the morning. Bonus: when you take off the robe to change into your dress, there’s no risk of messing up your hair or makeup!


Make sure you pack some bottled water in your bag. While there will probably be water wherever you’re getting ready, it’s good to have some on hand just in case. 


Even if you think you won’t cry, bring a few tissues. You’ll need them to protect your makeup if you do cry, and if you don’t, you can still use them as blotting papers throughout the day. You also may have a few bridesmaids who cry—better to be prepared than not!

Phone Charger

Pack a charger! You likely won’t be on your phone much throughout the day, but you’ll still want some charge just in case. 


As much as we hate to say it, yes, you sweat on your wedding day. Especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding, bring a travel-size deodorant in your bag so you don’t have to worry about the heat. 


You never know when you—or one of the wedding party—may get a headache. This is perfectly normal, but you don’t want it to ruin your day, so throw some ibuprofen in your bag. 


Inevitably, your lipstick will wear off throughout the day. Bring an extra so you can reapply quickly when needed!

Safety Pins

Hopefully you won’t need these, but in case of wardrobe mishaps (yours, your bridesmaids, your mom’s—anyone could have one) keep a few spare safety pins around for an emergency. 

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