Our Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Dec 6, 2022

We all know the wedding planning process can be complicated enough. One thing that we often find ourselves changing our minds about through the process is the wedding color palette. If you can’t decide on a set color palette, it can really hold you back from making other decisions, like bridesmaid dresses, florals, table linens, etc. To help you avoid the second guessing and regret, we’ve compiled our best tips and tricks for choosing your wedding colors – and sticking with them! 

Use Your Venue and Season as Your Canvas

Take note of the colors that are naturally in your venue – color of walls, flooring, fixtures, etc. Use this as a cavas and work with colors that will look good and compliment that space. If your wedding is outdoors, take note of what the outdoor space will look like during that time of year. If you’re having an October outdoor wedding – try looking for colors that will compliment the Fall foliage. 

Get Inspired by Your Own Personal Style 

Remember, your color scheme is supposed to be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Go through your closet and look at the colors that you naturally gravitate toward. If you find that you wear a lot of blue, that is likely a color that makes you feel good and enjoy seeing yourself in. If there are colors that you don’t like to see yourself in, maybe don’t make your wedding party wear it. Instead, surround yourself in colors that make you feel happy and confident. 

When in Doubt, Go With the Classics 

Afraid you’re going to choose a palette then hate it in a few years? Go with something timeless and classic. While many current wedding trends can be fun, its always a good idea to start with a more standard color palette. Once you establish that, you can begin to weave in a few pops of what you’re feeling right now! 

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