How to Incorporate “Something Blue” Into Your Wedding Day

Feb 18, 2022

Do you want to incorporate the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition into your wedding day? Well, some brides tend to struggle with the “something blue” part of that rhyme! This is especially true for brides who don’t have any blue in their wedding colors.

The Meaning Behind the Tradition

The old saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe” comes from an Old English rhyme. This names four objects that mean “good luck,” along with a sixpence, which is said to bring you prosperity for your wedding day. (By the way, a sixpence is a coin!” If you are following this tradition as a bride, then you will want to include all of these items in your outfit or carry them with you.

However, a lot of modern brides choose to incorporate these items into various aspects of the wedding day! You can incorporate them into your outfit, your bridal party’s outfits, or any decor.

32 Ways to Incorporate “Something Blue” Into Your Wedding Day

If you’re struggling to choose “something blue” for your wedding day, or you’re looking for some unique ideas, here are 32 ways to incorporate blue into your wedding! You’re bound to love one of these ideas.

1. Veil

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about a bright blue veil! You could choose an ombre veil that fades from white to a very light blue. Or, if your dress already has a light blue in it (or your bridal party is wearing shades of blue), then you could always find a very light shade of blue for your veil!

2. Sapphire ring

If your engagement ring or wedding band has sapphire in it, then you’re already covered! If not, then you can choose to wear a sapphire ring on another finger during your wedding day. It can be a gorgeous touch to your accessories!

3. Embroidery

There are so many ways to incorporate embroidery into your wedding day. Of course, the most common would be your wedding dress. You can have your wedding date or new last name stitched into the inside of your dress, and choosing a blue thread will be perfect for this!

Or, are you wearing sneakers on your wedding day (like Keds or Converse)? If so, you can have something embroidered in blue on those!

4. Bouquet

Talk to your florist about incorporating some blue flowers into your bridal bouquet! Hydrangeas, lavender, and hyacinth could be perfect for this.

If you don’t think blue flowers go with your vision, then you could always add a blue charm somewhere or a blue ribbon around the stems!

5. Wedding dress sash

A bridal belt or sash can be a great way to add some blue to your bridal look. This is a great way to incorporate blue into your bridal look without compromising your all-white dress!

6. Signage

Are you using a lot of signage throughout your ceremony and/or reception? Have some blue on them! This could be your table numbers, a welcome sign, menus, etc.

7. Dogs

Are you having your fur babies be a part of your special day? You can use them for your “something blue!” A blue ribbon, bandana, collar, or leash is the perfect way to do this.

8. Shoes

There are a couple of different ways that you can incorporate something blue into your shoes. The most obvious is to wear blue shoes!  Again, these don’t need to be bright blue — they could be a very pale blue!

Another option for this is to change into blue shows for the reception. Or, if you’re wearing sneakers, have blue laces or ribbon!

9. Earrings

If you’re wearing earrings on your wedding day, you can use sapphire or aquamarine stones to add some blue! Whether you choose small studs or a statement drop earring, they will be gorgeous.

10. Flower girl

Have your flower girl wear a blue dress or throw blue petals!

11. Garter

This is one of the most classic ways to incorporate your “something blue” — with your garter. A soft blue garter with some lace and feminine beading will truly make you feel like a bride!

12. Nails

Many brides choose a nude, light pink, or french manicure for their wedding nails. Why not go with a light blue shade? Or, you could even do a classic french manicure with a thin blue line under the white. And if you still feel like that’s too much, you can do a small blue design on the ring finger only!

If that’s still not something you want to do, then a blue pedicure is the perfect compromise. Even if your shoes are open-toe, unless you’re wearing a short dress, no one will even see them!

13. Handkerchief

Someone will be crying happy tears on your wedding day! Having handkerchiefs on hand that have some blue in them is a practical way to do this.

14. Day-of clutch

Why not stash all of your wedding day essentials in a gorgeous blue clutch? This can be navy or a pale blue.

15. Shoelaces

You can make anyone’s shoelaces blue! If you’re wearing sneakers, then this is perfect to have on your own. If you aren’t, why not have the groomsmen wear blue laces?

16. Parents

Have your parents be your “something blue!” This can be incorporated in a lot of different ways — a suit, dress, shoes, socks, jewelry, or a tie.

17. Wedding dress

If you’re open to steer a little bit away from the traditional white/ivory dress, there are some blue options out there! This doesn’t mean that your entire gown has to be blue, though. There are dresses with blue appliques, or blue underneath the overlay!

18. Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs are incredibly popular nowadays. They are most common at gender reveals, but they have been showing up at weddings, too! They make for some great photos.

19. Lingerie

It will be super easy to make your lingerie for your wedding day your “something blue.” Just make sure that it can’t be seen through your dress!

20, Ring box

Use a blue ring box to store your rings in before you walk down the aisle. A pretty ring box makes for some gorgeous detail photos, too!

21. Getting ready outfits

Use blue for your getting ready outfits for your bridal party! These could be flannels, pajamas, robes… so many possibilities!

22. Flower crowns

Use blue flowers to make a flower crown for your bridesmaids, your flower girl, or even yourself!

23. Getaway car

Looking to rent a car as you and your new spouse exit the reception? Choose a classic blue car!

24. Men’s attire

Why not have your groom, groomsmen, or fathers wear navy? Or another shade of blue? Navy and light blue can pair extremely well with certain bridesmaid dress colors, such as blush!

25. Sunglasses

Are you getting married on a day where it could be sunny out? Use sunglasses as a fun photo prop for both of you! You can use them for the rest of the wedding party too, or even as favors for the guests.

26. Favors

With that being said, incorporate blue into your wedding favors! This could be literally anything, from sunglasses to custom cookies to candy.

27. Stationery

Incorporate blue into your wedding stationery! This could be your envelopes, invitations, save the dates… whatever it may be, they will look great!

28. Perfume

Perfume is such a special and subtle way to incorporate your “something blue” onto yourself. Some choices are:

  • Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana
  • Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs
  • Tiffany & Co perfume

29. Bridesmaid gifts

Get some blue tote bags to gift to your bridesmaids on the morning of your wedding!

30. Reception chinaware

If you haven’t chosen your chinaware for your dinner at the reception yet, why not make it blue? Or, it can at least have some blue accents!

31. Eyeshadow

It can definitely be scary to go for a blue eyeshadow on your wedding day. But, there are so many subtle ways to go about it, and your makeup artist will be able to do it the right way!

32. Wedding cake

You can incorporate blue into your wedding cake. You can make the entire cake blue, have a small pop of color, or just use a blue cake topper!

33. Shawl or cape

Getting married in the winter, or somewhere chilly? Choose a pale blue shawl or cape to wear! For a more casual look, you can choose a custom jean jacket.

34. Book of vows

Writing your own vows? Find some blue vow books!

35. Bridesmaid dresses

If it makes sense for your colors/vibe of the wedding, you can choose a shade, or shades, or blue for your bridesmaids dresses!

36. Linens

Finally, you can incorporate your “something blue” into your linens. This includes tablecloths, table runners, and napkins!

How to Choose Your Something Blue

Before you choose your blue item for your wedding day, it might help to buy your wedding dress first! This can help to figure out whether or not you want to incorporate blue into your day-of attire. If you’re in the DMV area, book an appointment today with K&B Bridals!