What to Wear at Your Bridal Appointment

Sep 19, 2022

Going to a bridal appointment is such an exciting time! However, you have likely never gone wedding dress shopping before, so you might have no idea what to wear! Here are some of our tips for you!

Nude undergarments

Nude undergarments are always your best bet when it comes to trying on wedding dresses! Some dresses have an open back, illusion lining, or plunging v-necks, so having your undergarments match your skin color will help you more closely be able to get the true vision of how the dress will look on your wedding day.

A lot of brides do end up taking off their bra while trying on dresses simply because it makes things easier with low backs or plunging necklines. However, this is totally up to you and what you feel most comfortable doing!

A cute outfit

You can of course where anything that you feel most comfortable and confident in – it’s not like you will be wearing the clothes as you’re trying on dresses! However, one thing that most people don’t think about is the fact that you will most likely be taking an “I said yes to the dress!” picture if you do end up finding your dress during your appointment. So, you will want to have an outfit on that you will be comfortable taking photos in – whatever that means for you and your personal style!

Minimal accessories

We suggest keeping your accessories, such as jewelry to a minimum. This will help you get a gauge for how the dress looks on its own, and then you can play with accessories like jewelry, veils, and headpieces after! Too much personal jewelry can be distracting from the dress.

If you already have jewelry that you will 100% be wearing on your wedding day, such as an heirloom piece, then of course feel free to bring it with you and try it on with the dresses that are your final contenders!

A hair tie

Finally, we suggest bringing a hair tie with you. This will make it easy to put your hair back to see the dress with your hair up in case you end up choosing that for your wedding day!