Why You Should Consider Buying Your Dress During Our Black Friday Sale

Oct 30, 2023

Have you heard the news?! Our Black Friday Sale is happening at K&B Bridals November 13-19! Our ready-to-wear wedding gowns will be UP TO 80% OFF during this sale! Click here to book your appointment, and keep reading for all of our best sale tips! 

What is A Bridal Gown Sample Sale?

First off, let’s break down what a sample sale really is. A sample sale is when a bridal boutique sells their designer sample gowns. This allows a bride to buy a dress off the rack at a heavily discounted price, usually from 20-80% off. Generally, these gowns have been tried on before and most sample dresses are featured in a range of designers, sizes, and prices.

So Why are Sample Sales Right for You? 

Time is Not on Your Side

If you have a tight timeline, this is for you! The best part about the sample sale (aside from the prices and the beautiful gowns) is you get to bring your new dress home that day! Special order wedding gowns typically take 8-10 months to arrive so having a ready-to-wear dress can lessen your stress during wedding planning.

You Have Champagne Taste, and A Smaller Budget 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, this sale is your best friend! For example, our gowns at K&B Bridals range on an average of $1,500-$3,000, but during sample sale, we have discounts up to 80% OFF original price. Use that money somewhere else – like a champagne tower or a lavish honeymoon. 

You Want a Dress Change Moment 

Do you dream of having a separate reception dress? This is your perfect opportunity to get two bridal gowns without breaking the budget! Get your fairytale dress and your dancing dress for the price of one. 

To book an appointment during our Black Friday Bridal Sale, click here! We can’t wait to help you find your dream dress!